Meet Our Instructors

James Carr

As a teacher, it is deeply moving for me to see someone beginning to feel the benefits of training. Their minds become more in touch with how they look at themselves and they start to see life in a more positive light. The world looks fresh with endless possibilities as they begin to take control of their lives.

Many times people feel trapped within their own lives. They feel there is no way out, no choice but to live a mediocre existence. I have been very fortunate to have studied under many great teachers over the years who have helped me see the deeper meaning to my actions and emotions.

To understand oneself is true power. In training our mind, body, and spirit, we are cultivating an awareness of ourselves, our environment, and our role within society. Martial arts not only
teaches self-defense skills, but teaches individuals to take responsibility for their actions,
and make focused and positive decisions in all areas of their life.

I watch as my students overcome their personal
obstacles and come to their own realizations about themselves and the world around them. This is the most rewarding experience I have ever known. Whether it is a child, teenager, or an adult, I am truly touched by their presence and the opportunity to share my knowledge and a piece of my life with these people on a daily basis. I strive to hold the torch of positive living, community spirit, and quality martial arts for my students to follow, so that we may all be examples of the endless possibilities of life.

~ James Carr
Chief Instructor / Owner