Frequently Asked Questions

We have been teaching adult, teen, and children students in Issaquah since 1998.
This is a very common question. If ever a school gives you a definite answer to this question you should hang up the phone or walk out of the school! Every student is different. Some people can earn their black belt in as little as three or four year and for some it takes five or six.
We start children as young as age 4. All potential students must first participate in a pre-evaluation to ensure they are ready to participate in our group classes.

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We offer age appropriate classes for children, teens and adults. We also offer a unique after school program with free transportation from your child’s school. During Spring, Winter and Summer breaks we also offer full day camps.
Our After School Martial Arts Program is a Fun, Exciting and Educational alternative to after-school day-care. Your child will enjoy staying in shape with martial arts while learning the Life Skills every child needs to succeed. You will enjoy the convenience of FREE Transportation from your child’s school and pick-up times as late as 6:00.
We offer a quality program with highly trained instructora that are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential in every area of their life. Our passion for helping students grow as individuals is second to none.
No. That’s one of the things that make our school different. All of our classes are age-specific results driven classes. What this means is 5 year olds are with other 5 year olds. A child cannot learn on the same level as an adult, the same way a 5 year old cannot learn the same as a 12 year old.
Yes we charge for rank advancement. To participate in testing a student must demonstrate proficiency in requirements and techniques.
No! Students continue to participate in our program because they love the service and attention we give them, not because of contractual obligations.

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