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Teaching Martial Arts and empowering students is our passion! With over 20 years experience, we have been providing the highest quality martial arts lessons in Issaquah, Sammamish, and Bellevue. Our commitment to each students personal growth is paramount to our teaching. Focusing on the development of the mind, body, and spirit to help them realize their full potential in life. We are dedicated giving students the tools they need to be successful in life such as confidence, discipline, honor, focus and respect. Our classes are a blend of traditional styles blended with practical application by highly qualified instructors. Please contact us to discuss your specific goals and schedule your free trial class today.

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  • We enrolled our son at Universal Energy Martial Arts (UEMA) in Issaquah when he was seven years old. Fast-forward 10 years and he has earned his Children’s Black Belt and well over half way through his Adult Black Belt! We chose Universal Energy Martial Arts because Chief Instructor James Carr and his instructors are absolutely amazing at teaching kids not only how to stay fit, but also how to focus, show respect, and practice discipline in everything that they do (school, relationships, etc.) At UEMA, students have to work hard to earn each and every one of their belt ranks. I highly recommend UEMA to anyone who wishes their kids to learn valuable life lessons while learning to pursue their goals

    - Muriel G.
  • “Can I attend Martial Arts Camp?” the repeated request from my 10 year old son for the past 4 years. The camps at UEMA are action packed and varied. During the camp they focus on a mix of Martial Arts training, hiking (weather permitting), day outings, and lots of fun games! Dare I mention the Nerf War finale! While the camp is energetic and fun, for both the kids and instructors, the instructors never lose focus on the school’s philosophy of respect, responsibility and goal setting. During the camp, team building skills are developed, they learn to work together and to accept the group decision in regards to planned activities. I have watched my 10 year old gain confidence and leadership skills while he helps teach younger/ junior belt children. I highly recommend Universal Energy Martial Arts for Martial Arts classes and camps. We look forward to more action packed camp this year.

    - Olive P. Designation
  • Universal Energy Marital Arts is a tight community of students, instructors and parents that work in unison to maintain a positive learning atmosphere where children and adults can grow into the people they strive to be. Along with self-defense students will be taught discipline, building leadership skills and developing their confidence with the help of our passionate and dedicated team of instructors. So much can be achieved when you set out to meet your goals and our family here at Universal Energy Martial Arts will be here to help every step of the way.

    - Mitchell H.
  • My son, Levi, has been at Universal Energy for 4+ years and loves it! James Carr and his instructors teach much more than martial arts-they teach kids how to be respectful, loyal, hardworking, and energetic members of a community, all while having fun. Classes are well organized and expectations are clear. James aka “Sir” cares about each and every student and how they act both at home and at the dojo. His home rules and essays for testing have proven to be valuable references in our home. He and his instructors know just how much to push a student they know is struggling versus one who isn’t practicing enough at home. My son has had problems at school a few times over the years and I have always known that I could call Sir. He is patient and will listen and often offer sound advice to both myself and my son to help with the issue at hand. Sports often come and go but the values and skills that Levi has learned at UEMA will last a lifetime.

    - Rachel S.
  • I had an interest in martial arts since I was an early teen. However, I was hesitant to pursue my interest for many years after having been enrolled once in a judo school as a six-year-old run by an ex-military man who taught by humiliation. Finally, one day when I was with my 4 1/2-year-old daughter I came across a small storefront in Issaquah that was advertising a new school about to open. A few weeks later, I took a chance and went in to talk with the new instructor/owner James Carr.

    Focus, perseverance, achievement, fitness, integrity, honesty, the ability to look beyond your own self-interest and help others. These are but a few reasons for which people have interest in exploring the martial arts. After becoming a student in 1998 at UEMA, and my son and daughter having spent more than 12 years each under the guidance of chief instructor Carr, I can truly say that he lives and breathes by the principles that he teaches.

    I encourage you not to hesitate. Come experience UEMA in person. I am confident you will find out as I did that it is the right choice.

    - Larry C.